Tennis Mind Training Equals Lifelong Enjoyment and Success!

Tennis Mind Training provides you with a personalized one-on-one video coaching analysis delivered to you via email, CD/DVD, Print and/or Web.

Video is an important part of training your mind to see and correct actions you were unaware of before. Anyone who wants to improve can benefit from this type of video analysis.

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What is Dartfish? Dartfish is the world's most advanced video training software, gives my students all the help they need to see the complete picture of their game. Seeing yourself on video, cannot help but improve your game, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player!

Tennis has helped millions of people to change their lifestyle because the psychological aspects of this game mimic life. People who participate in this sport score higher in vigor, optimism and self-esteem.

I have been teaching and playing tennis worldwide for over 20 years. My enthusiasm and passion for this game and life rises and expands every day. Throughout these years I have acquired knowledge and powerful life teaching experiences which allow me to deliver this valuable information to you on this Tennis Mind Training website.

It is my strong desire for you to experience many exciting and thrilling tennis experiences of your own. I know it's possible for you if you are willing and ready - patience, practice and determination are essentials to your success both in tennis and in life. The rewards in both are far greater than the efforts you expend.

I will provide you with easiest, most efficient way to accomplish these goals. This will be Your One-Stop Source for continually re-energizing your game and your mind!

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